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1. Lamps, Fire,Heat .  7.horses  12.lamps  13.music, myth, religion 16.symbols la Cueva de los
Casares, Arige, Courbet, Gönnersdorf,  Hohlenstein, Puglia

2. Chronology,Calendars,  Language. .  1.calendric Magdalenian [with Bølling], Azimuths:Sun, Moon
Stars Solar Azimuth V,  Solar and Lunar Years,  Lunar Stand-Still,  origins of 3600 celestial circles
from lunar and solar diameters,  origins of 24 hour day from solar and stellar clocking;    
Altamira,  Azores,  Bochum Germany,  Carnac Brittany,  Çatal Hüyük,  Coa Valley Portugal,  Dogon,  
Drombeg Ireland,  Knowth Ireland, Textile Worker’s Calendar,   Gönnersdorf, Kintraw Scotland,  La
Placard,  Long Meg Cumbria England,  Malta,  Nebra Disc,  Newgrange,  Porteta de Mogos Menhirs,  
Stonehenge,  White Sands New Mexico,  Woodhenge,
Hengelo-Denecamp World-Language [Würm/Wisconsin III Late Andronovo-Corridor Aurignacian
dispersal ],  Gardena-Interstadial Nostratic [Würm/Wisconsin IV  Final Solutrean dispersal ],   Pre-
Indo-European-1- [and other Nostratic languages]   [Dryas-II (Younger Dryas) Andronovo, Elamite,
Amerasian,  Oceanic dispersal ]  

3. Food .                 .  7.horses   8.fishing    9.deer. amtelope, bison, pigs, bears   10.mammoths  
Castelmerle---fish;   Gönnersdorf---fish, ducks, geese;  ---fishing lines;  ---horse fall;   ---horses
teeth;  ---mammoth hunt;  --- ---butcher mammoths;   ---captured mammoth calf;   ---mammoth
products;   ---mammoth tusks, hair, wool, hides, fish, textiles and commerce;      Labastide---fish,
eels,     la Madeleine---fish, seals, bovine, mammoth, lion;      Saut de Peron---fish,      
.Housing    .         .  4.winter house
Gönnersdorf   ---insulating double walls and roof;   ---winter indoor activity;    ----house, tools,
foundation,  frame and roof;   building house;    ---toilets  
.Furniture .         .  11.tools and furnishings: drying rack, uprighjt loom, rope beds, douible-door,
basket, wier, bins, crib, table, lamp, hearth, flue, potGönnersdorf   ---furniture rope beds, loom
frames, omiyage,   weighted upright loom
4. Family   .         .  3.marriage, mother, child, 19.anatomy & medical
Angles sukr l’Anglin ---anatomy;    la Cueva du Tito Bustilla ---fertility;    Gönnersdorf ---General
Anatomy,       Goutte Roffat near Saut du Peron ---fertility;    Gouy Cave ---fertility and sanitary;   
Laugeria Basse ---pregnancy;   Laugeria Basse ---statuette of child;    Saut de Peron ---fertility;    
Trois Freres ---marriage;  
.Child Care            . 3.marriage, mother, child,        
Cueva de  Altxerri ---bovine, antelope, horse,  distaff,  yarn, spinster;    Gönnersdorf   ---birth of child;   
---trapunto-quilting of winter garments and baby’s carrier  ---a crib made just for me,    ---diapers,   ---
spring: a little Rhine maiden, how her winter clothes will be made, and of what,   
5. Tools &Textiles. 11.tools and furnishings .  5.textiles   6.shoes
Bedeilhav Cave Arige, France ---needle makers;    Gönnersdorf   ---Horses teeth and stone tools,    
---textile, felt and scrapers,    ---soap, waterproofing and glue,    needle makers,    ---stones for
warming beds [as warmng pans or rag-wrapped bricks were used],    ----drilling hide and leather for
shoes,  ----winter shoes and boots,   ---moulting ducks on Rhine,    ---ducks and sewng winter
clothes,         Isturitz ---scraper, yarn-cutter,    Petersfels ----needle makers,      

Future translations:

.Maps  .                 .  2.geographic  Bolling Europe from Iberia to the Urals and eastward is dominantly
a vast long-grass prairie land.  The widely-traveling population  like more recent American
frontiersmen know grography with continental extent.  Madgalenian maps include large regions;
likely further study will make end with piecing-together a map of Europe.          

. Annual Rendezvous and Contracts.    .13.trade and contracts  RENDEZVOUS: Altamira,  Coa Valley
Portugal,   Cueva Casares, Gonnersdorf Rhineland,    Höhlenstein Bavaria,  la Madeleine France,    
Saut de Peron France,    Trois Freres France,   CONTRACTS: La Maleleine, Parpallo Spain,  Saut du
Peron,  Isturitz,

. Allerød Script   .Paglicci Grotto, Italy hunting, textiles,  sylviclture and kitchen gardens Paglicci
Grotta, Puglia, Italy ca. 9,500 BC the script used ca.12,500 BC is almost unchanged.  La Cueva de
Tito Bustillo
. Pre-Boreal  .        .climatology &      palearctic herders

. Boreal  .                .climatology &      prairie, savannah,  gallery forest,   herder-farmers

. Atlantic   .                .climatology   &    loess-land  forest-glade  mixed farming

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