Linguistics. .Translating Bølling Paleolithic Script.
.Translation started about 40 years ago almost as an accident. I looked at some paleolithic art works -  
commenting:  “No one who draws that well could create such a mess.  That’s not art; that’s writing".   And I
could read it. There are over a thousand Bølling documents inscribed on ivory bone and stone.   I have
translated several hundred.    
       The computer program was a logical step.  There are tens of thousands of cardinals [recognizable
pictures],  symbols [parts of pictures], signs,  lead-lines,  link-lines,  lead and link lanes,  radiants,  Start/Stop
symbols, vocatives and other recognizables amidst a myriad of not-yet-translated symbols and signs.  [I’ll note
that mankind’s current greatest computers have formidable powers;  and improvement is continuous.]  

[Ref.:  Baum,Frank “The Wizard of Oz”  Ref.: Plumly-Thompson, Ruth 1921“The Royal Book of Oz”]
·STYLOMETRY: [Ref.:  statasticians Mosteller,Frederick & Wallace,David early 1960s statisticians]  study
“Federalist Papers – 85 anonymous papers---of 1787-1776---  persuading N.Y. to adopt the Constitution  
written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.  Using  ca.30 distinguishing words assign 12
disputed papers to Madison dovetailing with historian’s views.

·STYLOMETRY: [Ref.:  Burrows, John, emeritus prof. English, Univ. Newcastle, Australia compares “Federalist
Papers,”  Civil War letters, and Shakespeare’s plays.]  198’s using “function words” in units of 5000 words  
with the help of now-available computers analysed the “Oz”  Series  distilling each 5000 word chunk into 50
(RDE information vectors-  and difficult to visualize) numbers.  With two numbers defining a point on a surface,
and three numbers defining a point in a volume.

·STYLOMETRY: [Ref.: Binongo,José  of Collegiate School & Commonwealth Univ. Richmond,Virginia  2003
Spring Edition in “Chance”` compares Baum’s and Thompson’s styles. ]    Binango adapted a technique called
PRINCIPAL-COMPONENTS-ANALYSIS in which “points” in an information space are reduced to two and three
dimensional images in a geometric space.
[Ref.: Dec.20th &27th “Science News”] below: Styles of Thompson and Baum are compared with PCA-
[Ref.: Frischer,Bernard, classicist Univ.Calif.,Los Angeles compares ancient Greek and Latin texts.]

·STYLOMETRY: [Ref.: Holmes, David, Collegeof New Jersey, Ewing,N.J.] using PCA and other function-word-
techniques indicates that  Confederate “General George Pickett’s letters to his fiancée were actually written by

·STYLOMETRY:RDE  I venture that PCA,  PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS ANALYSIS is only a beginning;  and
consider the following as a likely advance:
       Most fundamentally all knowledge is CARDINATION.;   and all logic ORDINATES [measures  and inter-
relates Cardinals] in space and time.   
       Language ABSTRACTS this, STYLES will differ.

PRINCIPAL  COMPONENTS  ANALYSIS [note: as expanded: extract-line     tag to cardinal, symbol, sign
      tag to lead-line, to link-line, to radiant as sequence single line  in three dimensions: as conic sine, vers-
sine,  coverse sine, hyperbolic-versed, tag, Fourier transform, length, taper, incline, curve, point, depth,
retouch sequence, crossing, contact closed in three dimensions as  generalized 3d conic convert by Fourier
transform-  as FFT.
weight               in two dimensions: noun,   prepositionals, pronoun
              verb, adverb,  note: vocatives are common.
weight               factorials on cardinal, symbol,permutate  signs         
filter               To English grammar, print-out to scan-compare as read“Nostratic.”  As PIE 1,2,3,4.
templet               Calendric angles,  Maps as harmonic function scan and compare.

.Translating Bølling Paleolithic Script .  . Athena Program -A-   Tags -1-  to -22- .
       note to Jimmy,  Athena is a set  proprietary algorithms, their outputs are scanned and compared in a
master algorithm.  

Scanning many volumes of drawings, reducing the myriad of lines in each known or partially-recognized
image, symbol and signs,  and paralleling this with a machine-analysis of the same sort involving no human
input.  The whole is reduced   into the interlinked symbols.

These symbols, when correlated against the growing database, give a statistical level to the confidence of
interpretation. Certain features are given extra weight  in the analysis, discrimination is refined by the addition
of more data.

Techniques used in current computer driven matching of fingerprints;  and  searching photo-images of  a
crowd in a stadium  by current  forensic investigators,   are used in subroutines.  

This analytical program has been created on a computer that is not, and has never been, connected with the
internet, or with any network, for security reasons.  It is only accessible by [set-code] password-protected

It is improved by feedback from known interpretation of certain symbols, and has much aided the work in
translating the ancient writings.  More than a few times it has well-matched  what’s humanly possible.  
[Subroutine names are selected to entertain and vividly say what their  purposes are in a program more
intricately-looped and reiterated than a global telephone exchange,  e-mail, and even echelon.]

Tag Cardinal SUBJECTS of the  document file: COINS for CHARON
       Even as expressed by William Cullen Bryant?  Neither creature, person, nor “dead language” goes to the
underworld with nothing.   As he wrote:  “So live that when,  our summons come to join,  the innumerable host
which moves, each to take his place,  in the silent halls of death--------”  What’s gone past can tell its tale.  It’s
the essence of geology, of history, cosmology.  With research  pre-history  becomes proto-history  and often
              Major cardinal,   components of cardinal,  Secondary cardinal or Sign,  components of secondary
              Start/Stop [probability assigned],  [probability derived]        
              Usage:  noun, verb, vocative, prepositional, modifiers, ordinal count [assigned] [search engine driven]
              Sequensce: along body-line,  lead-& link-lines, radiant,  lead-& link lanes,  inscription sequence,
               Orientation:  [direction animals face migrating-in,  pausing,  migrating out]
               As notes in a song by Orpheus   [as probability  search engine assigns]         file TIMED

Tag and Weight  recognizable  LEAD and LINK-Lines, LEAD and LINK-Lanes                file NORNS & CRONOS
       Link-Lines,  Lead-Lines, Lead-Lanes and Link-Lanes are among the most easily-recognized formats
used by the Magdalenian writers.   Along the backs, bellies etc of animals  they are most methodical-  
unfortunately symbols along these lines are the most difficult to translate.
Tag Recognizable RADIANTS                                                        file ODIN’S EYE
       Radiants are easily recognizable.  About then, often attached by link-lines, often not, are symbols and
signs.  When one or more are recognized, or tentatively recognized it’s often easy to find the sequence, and
probable or even highly probable meaning of other signs and symbols.   Lead-lines, link-lines and lanes lead
in-and-out of the radiants.  These when tagged, or probabilistically tagged by the search engines often make
it possible to construct sentences.   

Tag Recognizable VOCATIVES                                                file LOKI
       A number of cardinals, symbols and even signs for surprises are easily recognizable.

Tag Symbols for TOOLS                                                        file ÆSAR ,  & TUBAL CAIN
       The most ancient myths, legends, pre-and-proto histories of Thor equip him with a stone hammer, not a
metal hammer.   The smiths of our World from the mythical Light Master, through paleolitic stone knappers,
through forges in the forests, to the mighty metallurgical mills in which wonders such as space craft and forged
are all similar.

Hear the anvil clang and ring
See the mighty hammer swing
Clinking clanking so-and-so
Smith and Patience time the blow
Worthy sons of Tubal Cain.

Tag  Minimal tag:  as line harmonic with  [neighbors, connectors, in sequence if possible]        file PLUTO
Main Memory Bank    file  CHAOS
       How tempting to quote:
The biggest mess you ever saw.   
Is  subject to a simple law  
And You can make the pieces fit.  
If you ignore enough of it.

  The quantity of data sent to Main Memory Bank CHAOS would have been unimaginable only a few decades
ago.  In the early days, and even not very long ago writers eruditely talked of  computers the size of New York’
s Empire State building consuming electrical energy at the rate Niagra Hydroelectric produces it.  
       While the old adage ----“garbage in,  garbage out”  rests timelessly true;  with blistering hard work,
anguished repetitions, and just a little imagination it’s astonishing what can be done.   Today, one of the most
astonishing successes is the unraveling of protein  x-ray diffraction patterns—truly amazing if one reflects on
the enormous efforts made early in the Twentieth Century by Bragg and others to unravel  x-ray diffraction
patterns of calcite and salt.

Tag weighted temporal [VERB TENSE] sequence [when occasionally possible]                file CHRONOS  Child
of Chaos
       Use of Fourier Spectral analysis of Azimuth-V and geographics are quite rewarding.   Sorting as
information-vectors as 3,4,5,6 dimensional signatures are compared with Woodward Ambiguity Functions.  
[The sorting is identical with that used with radar and other electromagnetic, hydrodynamic,  seismic etc
signature sorting.]