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I was born in Peking, China.
Traveled extensively
Numerous careers, not necessarily in this order
       Medical Doctor
       Interpretor of stone tablets.
Much, indeed most, of the Magdalenian writings concern textiles.    Likely all of it
written by women.   Their writings show that most today’s   most personal and
important “comforts of home”  were invented and used well over 14,500 years ago.    
Long before we had electricity, today’s versions of heating,  laundry, child care,
cooking, lighting:  all of these necessities existed in other forms.

This work started slowly over forty years ago and then extensively in 1965.  While  
dining at the Burlington, Massachusetts Mall an artist showed me  wonderfully-
colored  pictures by “Paleolithic Artists.”   I had seen them before and   immediately
commented :
“No one who draws that well could make such a mess of things.   These inscriptions
on stone, ivory, bone and cave walls are artistic; but this isn’t art.   This is writing
------------and I can read it.”

For about two generations, forty years, I have studied Magdalenian writings on ivory
bone and stone.   It took about three years to convince the artist that this was
writing.   Both before and after the conversation with the artist  I had visited sites,  
prepared chronologies, and compared  inscriptions.   I read French, Spanish,
German,  Greek, the Slavic and other European Languages,     but do need a lexicon
for the Slavic writings.

Over time I discovered that the following techniques  were used throughout Europe
from Iberia’s Portugal and Spain, through Europe,   to-and-on across the Urals  to
Lake Baikal and beyond;  and also through Anatolia to the Iranian Plateau and
India.     It was a civilization and culture spread across the Andronovo Corridor which
extends from Central Europe to Manchuria,   and the Elamite Corridor through  
Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and the Indus/Ganges.

The writing uses:   CARDINALS  recognizable pictures;   these compare with magazine
SYMBOLS which are fractions of pictures.    
SIGNS  are pure abstractions
LEAD-LINES   extending  through and from CARDINALS.   The Symbols are strung
LINK-LINES  associate modifiers with the SYMBOLS
RADIANTS  indicate activities and are equivalent to sections or sometimes chapters in
a story

GEOGRAPHICS  are maps,  usually with SYMBOLS AND SIGNS strung along them  
CALENDRICS indicate lunar weeks, lunar months,  sometimes times of day or night,
seasons,  and solar years
Additional information:

. Notes .                Computers: cardinals, symbols, signs, lead-lines, link-lines,
radiants,  signature-sorting

. Notes   .                Aspects of Solutrean Oceanic Sailing

       Siberian  escape Saga  1917
       American Civil War Monitor   in   WWI  Tanganyika East Africa  High Veld Safari
       Winds of Namaqualand:  Great Trek, Zeppelin flight  1917
       Flight from Europe via  Poland, Siberia, to the Raj and thence to the USA  1828
Graaf Spee  WWII and forgotten  S.W.African [Namibia]  Skeleton Coast maps  1940
       Cargo subs with 28,000 mile ranges and condor aircraft  1945   [The Schonland
       The fictionalized Portsmouth incident  one of  the four  untellable then untold
nuclear  “sagas”: 1955
Star Dust,  Fission & Fusion Bombs  Verdun 1916,  Uppsala Sweden 1956,  
Heidelberg  1960
Loose lips sink ships,  Vera Caroline Grant’s saga. 1942

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